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Name: Amy
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 4
Species: Bird OBJ
Height: 3'0
Home Zone: West Luxson

Amy is a bird OBJ featured in Vest Party: Sleepwalker, and is the adopted child of Beth. She is deaf, and uses a form of Morbitian sign language using signal flags and (in the case of not having her flags at the ready) wing and head gestures. She wears simple, easy to move around in clothing underneath her blanket head casing, which completely surrounds her head and contains all of her slime. She has blue wings under her blanket as well, typical to a bird OBJ.

Project Appearances

2020/02/21 00:00ringor mortis


Amy's biological parents are unknown, and she considers Beth to be her true and only mother. She was found abandoned after the Luxson Horror Plague, and was taken in immediately by the older bird OBJ.


Amy is a clever and rambunctious kid that enjoys cartoons (Beth makes sure to get tapes that include captions on) and comic books, and has a fondness for playing silly practical jokes on her mother when Flynt comes over to babysit.

She especially enjoys drawing with crayons and putting stickers on things she shouldn't. She has a fear of the dark and is scared of terrors- or at least the cartoonish depictions she's seen on TV.



Amy is Beth's adoptive daughter, and loves her with all of her heart. She surprises her mother with drawings and other crafty gifts whenever possible, all of which displayed on their fridge.


Amy is often babysat by Flynt, and the two of them enjoy getting up to pranks together. Flynt still has a lot of sign language to learn, but he's catching on quickly.

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