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Piggy Bank Type

“Piggy bank types have pocket dimensions, containing deceptively large cavities to store coins of all sizes in. It is not uncommon for one to open a piggy bank type and have a proper treasure hoard spill out. This has resulted in many urban legends, some calling them a sign of good luck and prosperity.”

ID: 0182
Type: Piggy Bank
Category: Storage
Height: 4 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Piggy bank types can store any type of coin-based currency inside their bodies. Coins can be inserted through the slot on the top of the head, and retrieved by removing the cork on the belly.
Physical Appearance: Piggy bank types have a short, slightly wide body, with a raised oval on their face resembling a pig's nose. They have a subtle marking on their face and belly, a small slot on the top of their head, and a large hole in their belly that is plugged up with a cork. They have dot eyespots and small round earnubs. They do not have any fluid at all, since most of their body is hollow in order to accommodate coins.
Voice: Clinking and rattling.
Skin: Hard, smooth ceramic.
Fluid: None
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Piggy bank type cats are often found in areas with higher populations of kids, and similar places with lots of people so there's lots of chances to get coins. They do have to be careful not to fall, as cracks in their shell can be dangerous. They're not necessarily very social, though they do like being in groups, and they love seeing other piggy bank types. Trading coins between banks is considered very important, and a piggy visiting a different zone will often attract the attention of other piggy banks, with the opportunity of receiving “rare” coins seeming to summon them. Piggy bank types love chocolate coins the most, and often prefer candy type foods over anything more natural. Piggy bank cats can be very generous and love spreading their “good luck”, but stealing a coin from them is said to give you years of bad luck. The only way to fix it is to give a bank double what you stole.

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