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Hand Type

“Hand types seem to enjoy incorporating accessories for their wrists and fingers into their wardrobe…many of our specimens have picked out rings and watches.”

ID: 0043
Type: Hand
Category: Body
Height: 11 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Hand types can sacrifice health to create a hand on any surface they touch. Living beings will gain full control over their new appendage, while placing a hand on an inanimate object will allow the hand type to control it.
Physical Appearance: Hand types are large TCPs with an elongated neck and limbs. Instead of a face, they have five clawed fingers on the front of their head, with two smaller fingers pointing upwards that resemble earnubs. Their arms and legs have similar-looking hands on them.
Voice: Rubbing and shuffling noises.
Skin: Standard skin. The claws are hard and tough.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Hand types are adaptable and can fit into any environment. They enjoy physical activities that involve manipulating objects with their many fingers, such as fidgeting or stimming. They prefer to form close bonds with a few people, and having a single best friend is commonly seen. While flavors are not particularly divisive among hand type TCPs, they prefer to avoid sticky textures. Hand types enjoy embracing those they care about with any one of their hands, leading to very strange handshakes and hugs.

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