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Name: Masques
Creator: Fallow
Home Zone: Fallow's Island
Project Appearances: TBA
Species Development Thread: Species Development: Masques

This article contains brief + simple mentions of reproduction, but is SFW.

Masques are a bipdel species based on various animals which have mask markings that reside primarily on and around Fallow's Island.


Masques originate on Fallow's Island where they were created by the island's namesake and deity, Fallow. Fallow created the bandit morph first.


Spread across Morbit, primarily near the Luxson Cluster or areas with a similar climate to Fallow’s Island. Some remain on Fallow’s Island and the surrounding islands in the cluster post-plague, but not many.

They are threatened and nigh endangered on Morbit as a whole, even more so on their originating island. The horror plague truly hit Fallow's Island hard, leaving scattered masque settlements and destroying most infrastructure.

Many masques worship Fallow to the modern-day while small minorities worshiping XXI and Stope. Outside of the Luxson Cluster, they take up regional beliefs.

Masque residencies with space for it often have some kind of gym or exercise equipment, be it indoor or outdoor. Due to their highly active natures, they are prone to physical injury, especially when appropriate equipment isn't available.

Grooming equipment specifically made for masques has fallen out of style with the significant drop in population, but still exists in the Luxson Cluster.

A high rate of horror mutation-related disability and conditions due to exposure to the horror plague, primarily in Luxson Cluster populations. Medications for managing horror mutation conditions specific to masques symptoms, which are; an extreme increase in energy and restlessness, insomnia, muscle tension, muscle strain, etc., are produced and marketed in the Luxson Cluster in modern-day.

Masques are primarily nocturnal, leading to some scheduling conflicts when living in zones outside of Fallow’s Island. They tend to enjoy housing with many people, and very rarely live alone. Masques tend to sleep in elevated lofts and often enjoy storing things underneath where they can ensure their safety while sleeping. If given the option, masques tend to lean towards choosing housing higher above the ground than ground floors, and widely consider living underground to be somewhat cursed, though this attitude is not shared by many masques who are considered the dealer and escapist morphs.

More traditional masques value costumes and fashion very highly, especially when in customary Fallow’s Island style. Bones, gems/rocks, and preserved plants are valued as well, especially when made into jewelry or keepsakes.

Masques that value their connection to their homeland often seek out remnants of Fallow’s Island civilizations before the Horror Plague destroyed most of them and value any sort of goods from that period.

Education for masques typically follows that of either the Luxson apprenticeship program or traditional Fallow’s Island community classes, with very few enrolled in private or public schooling outside of places like Monte or zones outside of the Cluster.

Masques are incredibly high energy and require intense amounts of physical activity to remain in good health, and enjoy doing such activities with peers, regardless of species or physical ability.

Masques are proficient in combat and are generally trained from a young age, especially if raised on Fallow’s Island itself due to its dangerous environment. Typical Masque combat strategy involves using the teeth, claws (if applicable), and overall powerful body muscles and flexibility.

Dancing is a powerful part of masque tradition and is something passed down along family lines.


Masques have almost feathery-looking layered fur with round shapes.

Masques have pitch-black mask markings around the eyes, exact shape varies based on their morph.

Their voices resemble varying pitches of whistling.

They typically lack paw pads and tails, but both the swindler and acrobat morphs do possess them.

Hair is not typical nor commonplace but can occur.

They average 4'6“-6'6” at adult height.

Masques have digitigrade legs and standard arms.


Masques have standard skeletons, muscles, nerves, organs, and blood.

They have sharp teeth and an omnivorous diet

Masques require regular physical activity to remain healthy and mentally stable, as they are a high energy species and need an outlet for that excess energy.

Their ody language involves heavy use of the hands.

They have fluffy tuft ears and black pupils, typically round or oval.

Their fur tends to be layered.

Masques are excellent climbers, enjoy perching on things, and tend to collect and store objects of interest

Life Cycle/Family Structure

Masques have a lifespan of 90 years, reach adulthood at 18-20 years old.

Masques reproduce sexually and have sexual dimorphism.

Masques give live birth to one child, referred to as a kit. Kits are even more energetic than adults, but tire out quickly. Kits need a lot of naps to make up for their energetic bursts.

Masque family structure is typical to that of Fallow’s island and is based around sharing a community over blood or species ties. Families are often very large due to their communal nature, and typically consist of a large chunk of a community with members shifting in and out with their needs and interests changing.

Masques value committed and casual relationships equally.

Leaving the family community is a personal choice, and either staying or going are both considered equally valid choices at any age around/past 16.


Morphs can be based on any animal with a mask-like marking around the eyes.

Mixed-morph masque children often have their fur layering in a way that takes traits from both parents, along with their eye mask having a blended shape.

Bandit was the first morph created by Fallow.

Masque hybrids tend to inherit the eye mask marking, layered fluff, high energy levels, black pupils, and/or ear tufts.

Masques are not based on any specific kind of animal and have their behaviors inspired by a mishmash of different creatures.

Masques experience a wide range of horror radiation mutations including but not limited to; hunger increase, mood instability, extreme increase in energy levels, restlessness, insomnia, muscle tension, claw/teeth growth, mask expansion, and fur growth.



The bandit morph is based on raccoons. They are characterized by their cape-like crop of fur running down their back, the absence of claws, and their solid, round mask that encircles their eyes and crosses the bridge of their nose. The bandit morph is associated with Fallow and its island.


The acrobat morph is based on lemurs, particularly ringtail lemurs. They are characterized by fur layers over their chest and torso, prehensile toes and tail, and their solid, round mask that encircles their eyes and the front of their muzzle. The acrobat morph is also associated with Fallow's Island, but primarily with the large, deep jungles of the island.


The dealer morph is based on badgers. They are characterized by their long, cape-like crop of fur down their back, their clawed fingers and toes, their streak-like mask, and their favoritism towards digging and burrowing behaviors. They are associated with Monte and thusly Stope.


The escapist morph is based on ferrets. They are characterized by their thick fur layers on their neck and upper legs, their clawed fingers, and their rounded, solid mask around their eyes and across the bridge of their nose. They are associated with Luxson and thusly XXI and the late Anne.


The swindler morph is based on red pandas. They are characterized by their short height and round fluffy tail. They are associated with Taverne and its gods.


WIP Data pending.


WIP Data pending.

"Normal" Masques

Mutated/Modified Masques

Masque Hybrids

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