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Name: Numfi, Mistress of the Twelve True Honks
Online Handle: [LOONY_BALLOONS]
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 1 year old (Mature, created via session)
Species: Wizit
Home Zone: Hoopla, Taverne

Numfi is a tall, long-robed wizit with blue poofy hair and tail tuft, blue and yellow clothes, and a gentle expression. Her sleeves often cover her paws.

One of the heads of the Wizit Troupe from Void Session, Numfi takes pride in leading the modern-day “clownery” movement in order to spread joy and wizit magic to both the TCP and complex populations. She takes this duty very seriously, and considers it her life's work.

She currently lives with Voidsy, Wretch, Eastwood, Carrie, Buddy, and Hark.

Project Appearances

2020/02/02 12:36knux 400


(someone fill this out with void session stuff i'm tired)

Numfi's life post-Void Session has yet to be explored in depth, but her activist work drives her forward.


Numfi is a gentle person who's good at getting people to listen to her and her troupe, even if she's very shy and cautious in her personal life. She makes for a natural leader, but sometimes the strain does take a toll on her.



Numfi lives with Voidsy, but their relationship is mostly professional vs familial. She respects them and they respect her back, but it's clear that Numfi doesn't see herself as under their rule or control.


Buddy is one of Numfi's best friends, and the two care about each other deeply. She helped Buddy a lot during its surgical recovery, even if that period was very hard for Numfi to get through. The two feel like they can tell each other anything.


Hark is another one of Numfi's good friends, though she's more critical of her than Buddy. All the same, she's forgiven Hark for injuring Buddy since the session, having seen how the two of them care for each other.

Maurice Zap

Numfi has been on Maurice Zap's talk show before at least once, and has had her clownery movement boosted by his reach in many ways. The two seem to get along, though it's hard to say how things are off-camera.

Forum Trivia

  • If Numfi was a god, she would have balloons and stars for motifs, and merriment and wonder for domains.
  • If forced to choose between grilled cheese and PBJs for the rest of her life, she would pick PBJs. Wizits enjoy sweets and treats, and she's no exception.
  • Her love language is playing and being creative with other people.
  • First impressions are important to her, but she's forgiving if someone screws up and apologizes.
  • She would loan a friend money in need, but would like it paid back eventually…depending on the person, she might let it slide.
  • Buddy's surgery was fairly traumatic for her, and as a result, she's nervous around doctors, scalpel, and surgery in general. Sometimes, she wishes she'd never witnessed it, even with how much she cares about Buddy.
  • Numfi likes herself well enough, and talks out any frustrations with Buddy.
  • She thinks scrap magic is very cool, but prefers wizit magic. It's more fun to her, though she's had talks with people about how the two can be used together.
  • For her relationship preferences, she prefers sweet gentle men who will hold her hands and tell her nice things. Probably classifiable as straight, but wizits don't really care about that kind of thing.
  • Currently single. She's considered dating other members of the troupe before, but it never shakes out. Dating makes her nervous, as much as she tries to be outwardly chill about it.
  • She can be trusted with secrets for the most part, but she's given up some by accident when under pressure before.
  • She has mixed feelings on gods. She's grateful for her own existence and the troupe's and gets along well with Voidsy, but recognizes that the game she was born into is corrupt and made without the wellbeing of its inhabitants in mind.
  • If there was ever a horror attack where she lives, she would immediately check on the rest of her troupe and get Voidsy to help as soon as possible.
  • If Numfi was a Pokemon trainer, she would specialize in first stage, playful Pokemon- very cute and fluffy, with no battling.
  • Numfi would absolutely play the game Playmates, and would have a fun time being either a clown doll, a balloon animal, or a jack in the box- potentially all of the above. Plays with magic mods.
  • She has done a significant amount of zone traveling, particularly to the less dangerous zones, and enjoys meeting new people and spreading messages about clownery.

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