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Explosion Type

“The ever-present explosion on an explosion type's back seems to be in freeze frame short of some slight motion, intensifying and slowing with emotional changes.”

ID: 0585
Type: Explosion
Category: Nature
Height: 6 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

At the sacrifice of health, explosion types can create and control localized explosions of various severities.
Physical Appearance: Explosion types have a slim build and a simple appearance. They have small, colored eyespots and swept-back pointed earnubs. They have two arms and two legs. A large explosion, as if frozen in a freeze-frame, projects from the TCP's back.
Voice: Reverberating booms and explosions.
Skin: Gritty, as if dusted with explosive materials.
Fluid: A mixture of explosive materials.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: None.

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