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Reanimation Type

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ID: 0732
Type: Reainmation
Category: Abstract
Height: 6.75 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Reanimation types can sacrifice health to enter an ascended form. While in this form, they can choose to reanimate any corpses they can see. These reanimated corpses will retain their original personality and memories, but it will be difficult for them to think properly- some subjects describe the feeling as similar to not having slept in days. The reanimation lasts until the corpse is sufficiently damaged- they are also still subject to decomposing, so this gives them a finite lifespan.
Physical Appearance: Reanimation types have an hourglass shape with long limbs and gaunt features. They have two arms and two legs. Reanimation types have large eyespots with tiny pupils and long earnubs that look like horns. They have markings across their entire body. On their chest, reanimation types have markings that resemble stitches, while on their limbs and earnubs, reanimation types have stripes.
Voice: Moaning and shrieking.
Skin: Standard skin but clammy and cold.
Fluid: Standard fluid but cold and sluggish.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Reanimation types have a preference for cold, indoor environments, not unlike a poorly kept hospital or morgue. Whether reanimating the dead is seen as a serious affair or something to take lightly is on an individual basis, but these TCPs seem to have a tendency to follow their creations for at minimum, a short period of time before (if applicable) unleashing them upon the world. They have low energy levels and require very frequent rest, and seem easy to tire out. They are a solitary TCP typing and avoid social interaction in most cases, though some do enjoy seeking out the company of others. Their preferred diet is meat food type material, and they will typically consume it readily. While the marking on a reanimation type's chest is completely smooth and simply there for display, pressing down on it can cause sensitivity or even pain to the TCP in question, and is to be avoided.

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