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Fax Type

“Every fax type has a built in number you can connect to, but the actual number of digits involved seems to have no consistency. Some fax types in our care have a 3 digit number, while our longest has 20 digits!”

ID: 0250
Type: Fax
Category: Machine
Height: 4 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Fax types can receive electrical energy and consume it to send faxes to or receive faxes from other fax machines or fax type TCPs.
Physical Appearance: Fax types have a rectangular shape with a sloping front. They have one arm, the other of which is a phone receiver, and two legs. They have a dialpad on their front, along with a small screen which hosts their caret shaped eyespots, they have curved earnubs and a small sheet of fax paper sticking out of their input.
Voice: Discordant beeping, electronic noises, and white noise.
Skin: Hard, smooth plastic on their body. Pliable, soft plastic on their buttons.
Fluid: Ink and liquid electronics.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Fax types are found more often in business-focused cities and older suburbs now, but they have an easy time adapting to where they're needed. A common hobby is writing, whether that be fresh news used for journalism or just gossip among cats. They also often get into hacking, mostly pulling small pranks on each other or companies. They are very social and very chatty cats but are having a hard time adjusting to must jobs being online. They fear becoming obsolete. There are no clear food preferences, but they do have opinions on what they don't like, such as wet food, sticky food, and food that leaves plenty of crumbs. Fax types can save things they are sending and will send to their other fax type friends, which has led to a couple big secrets being spilled to the public early.

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