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Ash Type

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ID: 0100
Type: Ash
Category: Nature
Height: 4.25 inches

Ash types can expend health to emit and control choking clouds of ash, staining areas around where they make use of their powers.
Physical Appearance: Ash types have a standard body shape with a lack of any legs and a cloud of ash in its place. They have two standard arms. They have large earnubs, dot eyespots, and cheek blush markings.
Voice: Harsh wooshing and choking.
Skin: Fine, warm ash.
Fluid: Hot, chunky clumps of ash.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Ash types favor both outdoor housing, such as camps, as well as older homes and frequently make their beds within former campfires, fireplaces, and furnaces. They favor materials such as asbestos and other flame-retardent materials for their furnishings, as they like the heat. They enjoy bonfires and other fire-based activities, especially artistic activities such as woodburning or charcoal illustration. Ash types tend to congregate with other fire-adjacent typings of all kinds. They prefer foods that have been cooked over an open flame, such as marshmallows, weiners, and swine roasts. Ash types sometimes gather en mass to travel to natural spaces with the nutrients depleted from the soil, where they will conduct controlled burns and seed the ground with ash to replenish the nutrients in the soil.

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