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Planes, also known as dimensions, pockets, alternate worlds, or a variety of other names, are strange places outside of Morbit that are accessible to Morbitians in some way, shape or form. Some can be accessed directly or through devices (like the TCP plane or digital plane), whereas others involve being brought into them via an outside force (angel pockets).

It is worth noting that while certain extranatural phenomenon are similar, they are typically not classified as planes.


Planes can be created by high gods and certain otherworldly phenomena such as angels. Some planes lack a known singular “creator” or have completely mysterious origins.

Planes can contain anything, but are usually themed after something relevant to its creator - such as a motif, a god's domains, or something intrinsic and personal. All planes have mechanics, rules, and logic to them, whether manually described by its creator or inherent to the plane itself. Some planes can be modified after their creation.

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