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Plush Type

“The ribbon around a plush type's neck is extremely important to it- damaging or removing it will cause the TCP great emotional stress.”

ID: 0219
Type: Plush
Category: Creature
Height: 3 inches
Max Health: OKAY (4)

Plush radiate an aura of calm and comfort to others around them. This ability can be intensified by hugging the plush type.
Physical Appearance: Plush types are small TCPs with several different colors of fabric skin, with soft stitches dividing each area. They have a ribbon around their neck as well as button eyespots and small, pointed earnubs.
Voice: Soft thumps and creaks.
Skin: Soft, fuzzy fabric.
Fluid: The TCP's fluid is replaced entirely by a cottonlike substance.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Plush type TCPs are almost universally attracted to indoor environments over outdoor ones, likely due to the dangers the wild outside world can pose. These TCPs have highly variable activity levels, with some preferring to play more vigorously, and others choosing to rest and laze around their personal spaces. They are highly social and generally gravitate to big groups of friends, all types included. They prefer food type products that won't stain or make a mess, but have a notable sweet tooth as well. Plush types are known for dyeing their fabrics with patterns and new colors, and have made significant strides in the fashion world.

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