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“Research notes to follow”

ID: S002
Type: Snake
Category: Creature (Prototype)
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 8 inches
Ability: Flickwit's actual ability is unknown, as we cannot find a reference to it in our records.

A standard snake type, however, would occasionally need to shed their skin to reveal a new layer underneath. While they can wait to do this, it will cause them some discomfort and they will appear wrinkly.
Physical Appearance: Flickwit has a long, slender body with no arms or legs and a round yellow marking on her face. She has slanted eyespots and upright earnubs. Flickwit at one point produced a tonguelike appendage from her face, a feature that is not present in standard snake types. She has been seen wearing a purple bow tie.
Voice: Soft hissing.
Skin: Scaly and smooth.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
History: Our records of Flickwit and her session are fairly spotty, but most assume her to be created by Wax at some point to test the gameplay of TCP, as well as how the game would handle more creative descision-making. She was the second TCP to be created in this session, and lived in a small house on a floating island in a starscape with her friend, Beeper. It is unknown where Flickwit is today, and most of her later adventures are lost to time.
Personality: Flickwit is confident, curious, and protective of her friends. Shortly after being spawned, she curled up around Beeper for the night despite only knowing it for a short time. Later, she even displayed concern after the void told Beeper to ride a creature it had created, even going so far as to scold the void for its actions (although the void itself told Flickwit to do so, presumably as an attempt to punish itself). In her free time, Flickwit enjoys playing her piano.
Other Notes: Flickwit was at one point given a set of arms by the void, but they have not been included in this depiction of her.


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