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Pinkie Toe Type

“I'm not certain what the distinction is between a pinkie toe and a regular toe, nor why it warrants its own TCP type. The toes a pinkie toe type creates are consistently smaller than that of a regular toe type, but apart from that they're basically identical.”

ID: 0136
Type: Pinkie Toe
Category: Body
Max Health: OKAY (4)
Height: Data pending.

Pinkie toe types can sacrifice health to create pinkie toes on any surface they touch.
Physical Appearance: Pinkie toe types are tall TCPs with elongated torsos. They have small, stubby arms and legs, each ending in a toenail. They have a larger toenail on their forehead, as well as small flat eyespots and small round earnubs.
Voice: Small bumping and rubbing noises.
Skin: Standard skin, with some wrinkles around the joints.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: None.

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