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Twinkle Light Type

“These TCPs are very well liked in decor careers, their ability not only reserved for festive seasons.”

ID: 0813
Type: Twinkle Light
Category: Machine
Height: 5 inches
Max Health: OKAY (4)

Twinkle light types can create and control twinkle light decorations, including wrapping them around things and controlling their blink rate with a flourish of their hands. The more lights they try to create, the more health may be needed- though simple jobs don't need any.
Physical Appearance: Twinkle light types have a standard shape and build. They have two arms and two legs. Their head has the shape of a large tapered lightbulb. They have dot eyespots which are a part of their filament within the bulb and two earnubs on their head. They have a metallic base around their neck. Twinkle lights on a string wrap around their body.
Voice: Sparking and twinkling.
Skin: Clear glass on their head. Hard plastic on their body.
Fluid: Copper wire.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Twinkle lights are found in urban environments, and become much more noticeable in the winter months, particularly at night. They enjoy decorating spaces and being part of living art displays, with some choosing to become background actors. They usually don't mind having attention, but they don't like being in center stage. They tend to be shy but social cats, with many saying they're too flashy, which can be a huge blow to their self-esteem. Many become friends with other light and decoration types, a general kinship felt among them. Holiday food and cookies seem to be a favorite for the cats, with most avoiding liquid for a fear of it hurting someone. Twinkle light types will blink faster unconsciously to express emotions, and when feeling low will be unable to turn their light on at all. Longer periods of time are considered concerning and leave the cat susceptible to illness.

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