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Taverne Overview

Taverne is a continent in the middle of Morbit.


The zone Hearth lies in the middle of Taverne and was created by the high god Wax with no specific associated species linked to it. Its population is heavily mixed-species of any kind. Hearth is modern and futuristic with a surreal aesthetic, since the zone is made up of multi-layered urban areas and metropolises. The entire zone's color palette and climate changes and shifts with the four seasons.

The zone is run by elected officials with Wax having the power to intervene if god-based powers are needed. It is the construct capital of Taverne, producing and exporting huge amounts of ergonomic goods and construct supplies. This leads to a mixed reputation with other zones, who highly value the revolutionary exports, but severely dislike Wax as the associated high god due to his past mistakes.

Regardless it is a very popular travel destination as you can find almost anything there due to its diversity of cultures and species. This is furthered by the fact that creativity is the most highly valued skill in Hearth, so jobs in body modding, construct sciences and the arts are common which leads many to seek out these services offered in Hearth.


The zone Solitude resides in the north of Taverne and was created by Rein. Its species, the Selected, who were created in its image make up the main population of the zone. Solitude has a very fancy and antique look to it and due to Rein's strong influence on the zone there is a huge focus on religious imagery, often featuring restraints and worship of Rein.

The landscape in Solitude is mostly flat with some rolling hills and calm coastal areas. The climate is temperate and it gets rather windy during its four seasons.

Rein rules as immortal king of Solitude, the zone is highly guided by its religion and followers. Due to Rein's efforts Solitude is regarded as an extremely peaceful and safe zone, but a lot of that imagery is enforced by cult-like officials, police forces and heavy censorship. Going against Rein's religion leads to ostracization and anything seen as not having restraint is frowned upon, which goes so far as to include any indulgences or public displays of affection and excitement. Solitude has positive relationships with the world at large, aside from Precipice, Consumption and Hoopla.

Following the ideals of restraint and worship the food in Solitude is commonly very simple yet comforting and most well paying jobs are tied to the church, with mandated prayer being common even in jobs outside of that.


The zone Consumption lies to the east of Taverne and has been created by Spit. Her species, ruffnecks, is associated with it and makes up the main population of the zone, together with pockitts and mothlies. Consumption is comprised of a mix of large cities, suburbs, rural towns and underground communities. The zone has a brutalist aesthetic in cities where propaganda of Spit's cult is frequently present, whereas rural areas feature woodwork and art nouveau, since the further away an area is from main cities, the further away it is from Spit's influence.

Most of the zone is heavily forested with dangerous wildlife in all parts of Consumption. Both the wildlife and flora of the zone draw heavily from Spit's motifs of smoke and flesh, oftentimes leading to a gory look. The weather is most of the time comprised of dark skies with rain and thunderstorms, which reflects on the 4 seasons of the zone that are all gray, stormy and varying degrees of unpleasant.

Spit acts as the immortal dictator of Consumption and leader of her cult. The cult is found all across the zone, with children getting indoctrinated into it as early as possible as a lack of cult presence means lack of government provided resources. This leaves underground communities with the need to fulfill many different roles and occupations in hopes of being self sustainable. A supposed “cleanup” act has been put in place by Rein to lessen the influence of the cult and rehabilitate Spit to make the zone more livable. However the lack of actual progress of the “cleanup” means the zone remains with negative relations to the rest of the world, and any non-cultist citizens within it.

Consumptions main exports include woodwork, leatherwork and meat, since butchers and hunters are among the most common occupations, making use of the zones wildlife and dense forests. This also means most foods are stews and other meat dishes.


The zone Hoopla lies in the south of Taverne and was created by Wretch with Wane's help. Karacels who are associated with it are the main population of Hoopla together with ruffnecks. Hoopla has an overall kind of sleazy and tropical vibe, its aesthetic including lots of bright neon lights, shiny and reflective material and slime.

The climate is muggy and extremely humid due to a primarily swamp and wetland landscape. Within these lives lot of dangerous wildlife, making combat skills necessary for survival in this zone.

Although Wretch is the god that claimed Hoopla she only operates as a figurehead with very minimal power, acting as an advisor alongside other gods to the companies that actually run the zone. This is noticeable in the fact that it has a form of scrip for currency. Hoopla has a negative relationship with every zone other than Precipice and Consumption, which view it more mixed.

A big part of Hoopla's culture revolves around its huge entertainment industry, largely based around death-based sports and entertainment. They heavily highlight “icons”, people who are able to make a name for themselves. This has big tourism appeal for those interested in these icons and death sports.

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