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“It's common knowledge that the acronym TCP stands for Tiny Cat People. This TCP, being a type literally based on the inspiration for TCPs as a whole, leads one to wonder why these creatures serve as an inspiration for so many other species as well…”

ID: 0036
Type: Cat
Category: Creature
Height: 5 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)

Cat types generate a passive aura of calmness and mellowness. Those affected are more prone to laying around or even outright taking a nap, especially if there is a sunbeam nearby.
Physical Appearance: Cat types have a standard body shape, their hands and feet ending in small paws. They have a long, slender tail as well as a nose and six whiskers. They have curved eyespots and standard earnubs.
Voice: Meows and purrs.
Skin: Soft fur.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Cat types greatly prefer indoor environments, though many are able to adjust to outdoor ones as well. They are not inclined towards sustained activity, and instead seem to operate in sudden cycles- most of their time spent sleeping or resting, with intermittent bursts of energy and exploration. They seem to enjoy playing with toys and activities that allow them to hunt and chase. They are a fairly independent typing that prefers small social groups at most, though larger groups have been shown to form if they have particularly strong bonds. They vastly prefer meat-based food type products, especially those with a fish-based typing. Many cat types are made somewhat indignant by the fact that they are easy to distract, with use of laser pointers being seen as immensely rude.

Subtype(s): Sphynx Cat Type, Siamese Cat Type, Maine Coon Type, Alley Cat Type, Shorthair Cat Type, Ragdoll Cat Type

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