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Cell Type

“While cell types do enjoy the company of other cell types, more often they prefer joining together to spend time with other types of TCP. They sometimes go as far as to adopt a separate persona when combined, the personality of this new character being entirely different from that of its component cell types.”

ID: 0478
Type: Cell
Category: Creature
Height: 0.5 inches
Max Health: POOR (3)

Cell types have a passive aura that attracts other cell types. Cell types can climb atop one another and build larger shapes. If enough cell types mimic the shape of a creature-type TCP, they gain a translucent image of that TCP around them, and they can emulate that TCP's ability to a lesser degree.

When combined, they gain a sort of hive mind that allows them to move and speak coherently as one, while still being independent enough to decide to leave if they want to. If a cell type construct loses even one of its component cell types, the image and ability of the emulated creature-type will be lost.
Physical Appearance: Cell types are extremely small TCPs, with a membrane surrounding several spheroid cores. Their eyespots are present on the core making up their head, but their earnubs are formed from the translucent membrane.
Voice: Tiny glooping sounds. When combined, the glooping sounds overlap to resemble the vocalizations of the mimicked TCP type.
Skin: The outer membrane feels wet and wobbly, but still somewhat firm. The inner core is covered in standard TCP skin.
Fluid: The inner core contains standard TCP fluid.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: The images provided are not to scale, as a scaled image would be too small to see any of the TCP's details. Included in the Official Documentation section is an image of a basic TCP with a cell type next to it for scale.

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