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Basilisk Type

“A basilisk type's ability needs to be explicitly activated by the basilisk type in order to work- it doesn't just go around freezing everything it looks at.”

ID: 0239
Type: Basilisk
Category: Creature
Height: 8.5 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

A basilisk type's gaze will petrify those around them, forcing them to stand still in fear. If they use this ability too often, they will become tired and eventually lose health.
Physical Appearance: Basilisk types have reptilian bodies with scaled bellies and a tail ending in a spadelike shape. They have batlike wings in place of arms, and an avian head with almond-shaped eyespots and backwards-facing earnubs.
Voice: Low caws and growls.
Skin: Feathers for the head, thin leathery skin for the wings, and rough scales for the torso.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Basilisk types are generally found in wild areas but adapt to a wide variety of environments. They do need places to hide and burrow, and if they can't find easy ways to do this themselves, they will steal from weaker cats. They absolutely hate open spaces. Basilisk may enjoy digging and farming, swimming, or just lighting things on fire. They are careful about how much they set on fire, but scorch marks may indicate that a basilisk lives nearby. They are not social cats and have a hard time making friends even when they want to. However, they are incredibly loyal to those they do come by and will protect them against anything. Their food type meals of choice will almost always contain meat. Some that lean towards their bird side may enjoy berries and seeds, but even then, they aren't opposed to insect food types. Basilisk types often suffer from vision problems after using their ability, making them weaker to attacks. Due to this a lot of practice other methods of fighting or may hold onto weapons they find or create.

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