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Name: De'moneres
Creator: Stope
Home Zone: Monte
Project Appearances: TBA
Species Development Thread: Species Development: De'moneres

This article contains brief + simple mentions of reproduction, but is SFW.

De'moneres are a bipedal species native to the Luxson Cluster, primarily Monte. De'moneres often immigrate, with populations established across Luxson and further beyond the island cluster.


De'moneres originated in Monte, the original four morphs brought into being by Stope simultaneously, and later the 5th a variant brought into being as a reaction to the cultural elements which arose from these four morphs.


De'moneres culture is largely defined by its creator mandated caste system based around the physical features of the individual. These castes consist of four suits; Spades, Clubs, Hearts, and Diamonds. This caste system is closely tied to the socioeconomic options of the De'moneres in question, with outliers to the four morph caste falling into a fifth caste that technically exists entirely outside of the system. This Joker caste lacks both the burdens and benefits awarded by participation within the caste system but are often ostracized from their families and friends if they fail to perform the necessary cultural expectations to fall into their birth class.

These 5 castes are closely tied to certain physical features. Most notably the horn and tail tip, though facial features are a factor to a lesser degree. The loss or intentional removal of these identifying features can cause a De'moneres to be demoted to the Joker caste. Often families who exile a member will forcibly shear off these features, forcing the exiled individual into the Joker caste. The specifics of these features will be elaborated below under the Morphs section.

In the event of battle damage or accidental breakage of these features, many De'moneres will seek body modifications or prosthetics to replace the missing feature and facilitate their continued performance within the caste.

This battle damage is most likely accrued through violent attacks or turf wars, most common on Monte itself. This violent and brutal culture is directly responsible for the high rates of physical disabilities and mental illness among De'moneres society.

Homes and other structures are surprisingly accommodating for De'moneres of various sizes. The large deviation in De'moneres height across the castes means that staggered lofts and large elevators are more common over smaller rooms and stairs. Structures are highly ornamented, as lavish displays of wealth are present in nearly all aspects of De'moneres culture. Furniture is commonly built with durable materials, prioritizing both aesthetic and longevity over culture. The rough, sandpaper-like skin of De'moneres can shred through most lighter upholstery.

De'moneres religion is tied into the caste system as well. Worship is primarily focused on Stope, especially within Monte, but De'moneres who are removed from the dogmatic culture of Monte can sometimes pick up worship of other deities. Commonly other Luxson based gods, such as Anne, XXI, and Fallow. De'moneres who immigrate outside of the Luxson Cluster tend to worship gods who represent ideals closest to the cultural values they originate with, for example; De'moneres within Taverne often worship Spit or Wretch.

Weapons, jewelry, and fashion hold cultural significance for the De'moneres, with objects that toe the line between the three highly valued. Form is often a priority over function but function is valued in the event of a conflict.

There is something to be said on the materials specific castes tend to for both clothing and upholstery. Due to their rough skin, lower caste De'moneres favor sturdy materials which can stand against the wear and tear of their life while wealthier, higher caste De'moneres can afford more delicate fabrics which they can afford to replace or repair.

De'moneres are naturally territorial and this manifests in the violent territory wars between families or mafias.


De'moneres have rough, sandpaper-like, and bulletproof skin that appears smooth from a distance. They often lack markings on their skin but it appears rarely in some families. Often markings can come about through hybrid children or De'moneres with distant relations to some other species of morbitian.

De'moneres voices sound like crackling, sizzling, and sparking noises, and may use hisses, growls, and even roars and purrs to emphasize their points.

De'moneres possess flatter faces than most morbitians, having a less pronounced snout. Their eyes are often hooded, with a thick lid that shows at rest. Eye shape varies by morph but all De'moneres possess slit pupils. Their thin lips are often accented by black lipstick tattoos, giving the impression of fuller lips. Their horns rise from the space above the brow, often out of their hair. De'moneres hair grows in flat, easy to style chunks which hold their shape well and take to gel easily.

De'moneres arms end in strong claws and their digitigrade legs have hooves, lacking paw pads of any form. Claws require careful maintenance and care due to their sharpness. Their hooves are exceptionally tough and similarly sharp to their claws, resembling a cross between a shoe and a hoof.

De'moneres thin, whiplike tails end in a tip reliant on their caste that can vary between each individual. While the shape is characteristic of the caste, this shape can appear as a ring or flat depending on the individual De'moneres.

De'moneres typically present in colors of a lower saturation but more vibrant colors are possible through modification.

De'moneres height varies and is often tied closely with their morph/caste but De'moneres as a whole vary from as small as 3'6“ all the way to 10' tall.


De'moneres have skeletons, muscles, nerves, organs, and blood, unlike some other species.

De'moneres skin is bulletproof and very thick, especially around the horns and digits.

De'moneres have sharp, uniformly shaped teeth, though some naturally have pronounced fangs/tusks. De'moneres have strong jaws, capable of a greater amount of force than most other species.

De'moneres are a species that are very active and require a large caloric intake compared to other species of their size. They are omnivorous but have a strong requirement for pure carbon in their diets, such as coal, graphite, certain kinds of glassy carbon, and diamonds. Although diamonds are a rarity due to their intense psychoactive effect, especially on individuals who are unused to the effect. De'moneres who ingest diamonds experience a stimulant effect that can induce a dangerous and berserk state in those unused to the effect or in the event of overindulgence.

They communicate heavily with her ears, tails, and facial expressions. Their ears are pointed and are capable of swiveling/flopping as needed.

Slit pupils are natural, and anything else is modified or mutated.

De'moneres are moderately exothermic and seek out sunlight and warmth.

De'moneres have excellent vision in the dark and are sometimes sensitive to intense sunlight.

De'moneres have naturally adept reflexes.

The species has a natural lifespan of 150 years, reaching maturity at 18-20. This is often cut short due to their cultural value of combat, many De'moneres falling prey to territorial conflicts.

Life Cycle/Family Structure

De'moneres reproduce sexually and possess a low amount of sexual dimorphism. Laying rock-like eggs in clutches of 2-5. De'moneres children are simply referred to as kids.

De'moneres tend towards a nuclear family structure, with two parents and a single clutch of children. Although deviations are common, especially in populations where families have grown into mafia-esque organizations or joker and immigrant cultures where this structure has been thrown out in favor of another.

Family and bloodline are exceedingly important, children, in which caste traits breed true, are favored over children who lack those traits. Subpar children are often exiled to the Joker caste.


De'moneres morphs are based on allotypes of carbon and card suits.

Mixed morph children are almost always put into the joker caste if their mixed traits are visible, though individuals that lean more towards looking like one morph can avoid that fate.

All morphs aside from jokers were made by Stope in the species' initial creation, the caste system based on those morphs an intended effect of the morphs.

Hybrids typically inherit the flat hair chunks, whip-like tails, and horns.

De'moneres are somewhere between human, goatlike, and catlike in appearance.

Common mutations that Horror exposed De'moneres experience include ones affecting tail and horns, extra horns, spikes, teeth growth, growth of tusks, multiple eyes, claw growth, hunger increase, territorial behavior worsening, emotional imbalances, and sleep disturbances.



The Zootsoot morph is one of the original 4 morphs and is affiliated with the spades card suit and coal. They are the lowest level of the caste system and are the majority in the Monte working class, acting as miners, janitorial staff, and providing grunt work to some mafia organizations. They mostly reside underground in Monte. Their tail tip takes the shape of a spade, possesses a single horn, and have blunter hooves compared to other De'moneres often being compared to dress shoes. They range from 3'6-5'6 for “normal” adult height.


The Graftelle morph is one of the original 4 morphs and is affiliated with the clubs card suit and graphene. They are the next level in the caste system, above Zootsoot but below Vitreoles. The Graftelles are a worker class but typically take higher station jobs than their Zootsoot coworkers. Graftelle De'moneres find careers in management, lawmaking, and record-keeping positions. They have an uncharacteristic association with Fallow's Island, some claiming there is a religious and spiritual significance to the location. They typically reside aboveground in Monte, tending towards rural living. Their tail tip takes the shape of a clubs, their horns take the shape of antlers, and their hooves are often cloven. Graftelle height ranges from 5'-7' at “normal” adult height.


The Vitreole morph is one of the original 4 morphs and is affiliated with the heart card suit and vitreous carbon. They are the upper-middle caste, above Graftelle and Zootsoot but below Octoliere. They take upper management positions and direct teams in research and development. Vitreole often have the freedom to become scholars, studying and researching the sciences and culture, or pursuing artistic expression. They reside in urban environments. Their tail tip takes the shape of a heart, have horns that curl around their head, and their hooves are said to resemble hooves. Vitreole De'moneres range from 6'-8' at “normal” adult height.


The Octoliere morph is one of the original 4 morphs and is affiliated with the diamond card suit and hyper-compressed carbon, also known as diamonds. They are the highest caste and take positions of power in society, ruling over all other castes. The Octoliere are second only to Stope. The infamous turf wars of the De'moneres are more often than not administrated by Octoliere mob bosses and gang leaders. Most Monte-native Octoliere are in some way associated with the mafia. They reside in the most luxurious of accommodations, penthouses and private manors. Their tail tip takes the shape of a diamond, have two pointed horns that point above the head, and their hooves are said to resemble heels. Octolieres De'moneres range from 8'-10' feet at “normal” adult height.

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The Joker morph is unique, in that it is less a morph and more a caste that exists outside the suit system. Composed of exiles, mixed morph De'moneres, some hybrids, along with other societal outcasts. The protection of a bloodline can sometimes spare De'moneres who would otherwise fall to the Joker caste from their fate. They resemble any of the morphs above but typically have identifying caste features such as tail tips or horns shorn off to symbolize their status or lack thereof. Exist outside the caste system, living in slums and impoverished communities. Some Jokers voluntarily join the caste, becoming vigilantes and rebels against the caste system. The caste is considered a smear on Monte's presentation by Stope. Their caste identifying features are often unrecognizable and their height varying wildly.



"Normal" De'moneres

Mutated/Modified De'moneres

De'moneres Hybrids

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