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Tapir Type

“It cannot be overstated how vital having water available for tapir types is- being without increases the chance for anxiety developing by tenfold.”

ID: 0083
Type: Tapir
Category: Creature
Height: 5.5 inches

Tapir types have a passive aura that makes those around them feel more comfortable when submerged at least partially in water.
Physical Appearance: Tapir types are short and stocky TCPs with chunky limbs, sporting two arms and two legs and both tipped in claws. They have a featureless snout shape for a head and dot eyes, with standard earnubs. They have a gradient marking splitting their body into a top and bottom half. There is also an alternate marking set using markings from juvenile tapirs, including vertical stripes and mottling along the back.
Voice: Snuffling and snorting.
Skin: Very short fur.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: While most tapir types have the half and half marking design associated with adult tapirs, it is very common for tapir types to choose to modify their markings artificially to resemble the “far more fun” patterns of juvenile tapirs. This has no bearing on actual age or maturity, and is just an aesthetic choice.
Other Notes: Tapir types enjoy outdoor environments best, but it seems almost necessary for them to have access to water and/or mud. They enjoy activities on their own due to being a solitary typing, but many enjoy slow paced, leisurely hobbies. They prefer plant-based food type products when possible. Some say that tapir types have more lucid dreams when they choose to sleep, but in our studies, this has proven to be an urban legend.

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