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“Data pending.”

ID: S095
Type: Box/Bear Trap/Coffin
Category: Storage/Weapon
Pronouns: Data pending.
Height: 10 inches
Ability: Horse can store TCPs inside of their body. They hurt and enhance the imagination of their occupant(s) while they are inside, and Horse can trap the occupants at the cost of health.
Physical Appearance: Data pending.
Voice: Data pending.
Skin: Data pending.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: Anomalies: Eyespot (major), Earnub (minor)
History: Data pending.
Personality: Horse is secretive; always watching but never engaging. NPC energy. If you ask them a question, they will give you an answer that makes you question why you woke up this morning like an English teacher would. If they ask you to follow them, do so, even if their pace is slow; don't complain or they will tell you to leave, but they will take you somewhere nice.
Other Notes: Community-owned TCP. Bot-generated and commissioned by AceOfNothing.


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