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Amber Smiles

Name: Amber Smiles
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: Immortal through demonhood- frozen mental age of around 18-20 (age fluctuates in system), Body age of 70 (Maybequest), 90 (Universal Constants)
Species: Maned Karacel (Body), Royal Ruffneck (Headspace)
Height: 5'0 (Body), 6'3 (Headspace)
Home Zone: Consumption

This article contains mentions of Spit's cult and abuse of a sexual, psychological and ritual nature. Specifics will be spoilered and warned for.

Amber Smiles is a member of the Smiles System taking on the form of a royal ruffneck in headspace, however her physical body is that of a maned karacel. She features in the Punch Clock Animal series of projects and comes from Consumption. Her headspace body is gray with colorful patterns, and is often seen with jewelry of some sort.

As with every other member of the Smiles system, her shared physical body lacks a right arm and ears as a result of ritual mutilation, with weight fluctuating between “skinny” to “emaciated” depending on how well-fed she can get herself. The horns on her head are drilled into her skull, and are unremovable through normal means. Due to the removal of her ears, she has difficulty pinpointing the direction of sounds, especially if soft or whispered. Due to the way Morbitian Common works, she can also have difficulty understanding meanings of words if unfamiliar with the person she's speaking to, something that frustrates her greatly.

Her external clothes typically consist of whatever she can find that fits, though Amber personally enjoys dressing in more modern styles, and keeps up with up-to-date fashions when possible.

Project Appearances




Amber is impulsive and prone to decisions made on little thought towards the consequences. She wants to be involved more with modern society than the others in the system and finds herself caught up in things such as fashion magazines, reality television, and browsing catalogs. Due to this, she has the most knowledge out of everyone in the system about the modern world outside of Spit's reach, and uses it primarily to annoy them with trivia versus do anything (seemingly) practical. To her, though, this knowledge is plenty valuable, and she will continue to collect it with reckless abandon.

This section contains implications of sexual and psychological abuse, and can be clicked to reveal its contents. These implications are kept brief and non-explicit.


Chelsea Smiles

Amber feels as if Chelsea looks down on her, and is probably a little correct about that.

Harvey Smiles

Amber feels as if Harvey looks at her as if she's a child, and is probably a little correct about that.

Derry Smiles

Amber sees Derry as someone to entertain with new concepts and discoveries from the outside world, though she doesn't have much interest in it beyond that. Despite their shared tendencies to self-destruct in similar ways, the two don't seem to get along much.

Bazil Smiles

Amber does not get along with Bazil in the slightest and the two are prone to getting into screaming matches, with things often thrown at each other in headspace when things get dicey. Amber sees Bazil as overly angry and aggressive, and is willing to match his volume whenever he picks a fight.


Amber is unnerved by both of the system snakes.


Amber is unnerved by both of the system snakes.

Lina Smiles

Amber and Lina do not interact much, but have a sort of peace with each other.

Pheles Smiles

Amber finds comfort in Pheles' presence, especially after impulsive breakdowns.


Amber abhors Spit more than any other person in this world.

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