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Name: Beth
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 30 (Sleepwalker)
Species: Bird OBJ
Height: 5'7
Home Zone: West Luxson

Beth is a pillow-headed bird OBJ working as a tabletop game designer in Conduit, West Luxson. Her palette is made of soft blues and beiges and her wings have round, scalloped shapes. Her fashion is best described as “old-fashioned”, and follows a lot of Luxson traditional styles. She features in Vest Party: Sleepwalker. She has an adoptive daughter named Amy, and shares an apartment building with Flynt.

While Beth has not engaged in any kind of combat since the Plague (and even then, she avoided it unless necessary), she still keeps a modified baseball bat in her house for safety purposes.

Project Appearances

2020/02/21 00:00ringor mortis


Beth served as a strategist in the Luxson Horror Plague, putting her tactical skills to work post-plague as a designer of tabletop game scenarios, typically with horror (genre) settings. Despite the seemingly grim nature of her job at first, Beth's game contain a significant amount of whimsy, and tend to focus on making the best out of a bad situation.

After the Luxson Horror Plague, Beth found Amy, and immediately took her in as her new mother. While not always fully equipped for the job, Beth does her best to be a good parent.


Beth is a person who values both practicality and sentimentality, and brings both to her everyday life. She is quick to find creative solutions to problems and enjoys applying her skills in DIY and creative work to anything she can. She is also particularly fond of hard candies and fruit juice.



Beth is Amy's adoptive mother, and she loves her daughter very, very much. Beth works hard to ensure that Amy's disability is accommodated for as much as it can be.


Beth is Flynt's neighbor, and the two of them have a quiet but friendly relationship. Beth trusts Flynt to babysit Amy frequently, and has requested Flynt take on more than a few cases to find lost objects around the neighborhood on behalf of shyer neighbors.

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