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“Data pending.”

ID: S088
Type: Magical Girl/Bookshelf
Category: Creature/Storage
Pronouns: He/him
Height: 6 inches
Ability: Bookmark can store books in his chest, but only if they have glitter in/on them.
Physical Appearance: Bookmark has a wide, standard-shaped light yellow body with lighter-colored shelf recesses along his face and torso. Like other magical girl types, he has (dark blue) ribbons around his earnubs, (dark blue) circular cheek markings, (mint green) striped leg markings, and a (blue and mint green) frilled dress as part of his torso. He has a tail that appears to be braided blue and mint-green strips, tied at the end by a dark blue ribbon.
Voice: Data pending.
Skin: Data pending.
Fluid: Data pending.
Special Attributes: Anomalies: Tail (major)
Modifiers: Artificially flavored (pink lemonade)
History: Works as a math teacher in a low-income area of Monte, helping students that are often overlooked. At night, works as a “superhero” named Pretty Boy Bloodbath. His “superhero” alter-ego tends to accentuate and exaggerate some of his flaws and is not very popular as a result. Tries to fight non-lethally, but has killed before…
Personality: Extroverted and friendly in casual settings, but can't see collaborators in “professional” settings as more than students, and acts patronizingly toward them as a result. Offers criticism but never takes it, doesn't listen to others' feedback, feels that others are slowing him down. Compassionate and idealistic, but also prideful and a perfectionist.
Other Notes: Community-owned TCP. Bot-generated and commissioned by King-Clod.


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