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Mummy Type

“Never try to unwrap a mummy type- they have very little actual skin underneath. Whenever you try, all you end up with is a big herbal mess and a very upset mummy type. And probably a curse or two.”

ID: 0397
Type: Mummy
Category: Creature
Height: 6.5 inches
Max Health: GOOD(5)

Mummy types randomly inflict minor curses on anyone nearby. They cannot control the exact effect of the curse, nor who they bestow it upon. Curses generally last for a day or two, and while they can be annoying, they are not usually debilitating.
Physical Appearance: Mummy types are wrapped in rough bandages from head to toe, with only a small gap revealing one eyespot. They have pointed earnubs.
Voice: Ghostly moaning and groaning.
Skin: Coarse bandages. The patch of exposed skin feels old and crackly.
Fluid: None. In place of the fluid is a dense clump of old herbs.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: None.

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