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Name: Fly
Pronouns: Any
Age: Immortal through demonhood- mental age unknown, Body age of 70 (Maybequest), 90 (Universal Constants)
Species: Maned Karacel (Body), Viper Selected (Headspace)
Home Zone: Consumption

This article contains mentions of Spit's cult and abuse of a sexual, psychological and ritual nature. Specifics will be spoilered and warned for.

Fly is a member of the Smiles System taking on the form of a viper Selected in headspace, however their physical body is that of a maned karacel. They feature in the Punch Clock Animal series of projects and come from Consumption. Their headspace body is tall, black, white, and has blue and orange accents, and mirrors Strawberry.

As with every other member of the Smiles system, their shared physical body lacks a right arm and ears as a result of ritual mutilation, with weight fluctuating between “skinny” to “emaciated” depending on how well-fed they can get themself. The horns on their head are drilled into their skull, and are unremovable through normal means. Due to the removal of their ears, they have difficulty pinpointing the direction of sounds, especially if soft or whispered. Due to the way Morbitian Common works, they can also have difficulty understanding meanings of words if unfamiliar with the person she's speaking to, something that they tend to respond to with snarky comments.

Their external clothes typically consist of modern, stylish clothing, and lean feminine in nature.

Project Appearances




Fly does not front often, and tends to discourage behavior of those in the front that they do not agree with. They are seen as an incredibly pessimistic person and are generally disliked by people in the system.


Chelsea Smiles

Fly sees Chelsea as a curiosity, like many of the other system members. Due to Chelsea being the most frequent fronter, Fly interacts with Chelsea the most aside from Strawberry, and is frequently seen tormenting her.

Harvey Smiles

Fly sees Harvey of little interest, and does not pester her often beyond small annoyances.

Derry Smiles

Fly sees Derry as an easy target, and frequently torments it about its self destructive tendencies.

Bazil Smiles

Fly sees Bazil as an ideal target, but one that escapes their grasp more often than not, mainly due to his pretending that they do not exist.

Amber Smiles

Fly sees Amber as almost “too easy” to mess with, and often does not bother.


Fly sees Strawberry as both a counterpart and a rival, and the two both simultaneously work together to torment the other system members and are often at odds with their exact motivations.

Lina Smiles

Fly sees Lina as not worth much effort, and leaves them alone most days.

Pheles Smiles

Fly sees Pheles as fairly uninteresting, and does not instigate much with them.


Fly sees Spit as abhorrent, and finds her disgusting. One of the only behaviors they discourage in an actual helpful manner is interacting with her, though it's more likely due to personal dislike over actual self preservation.

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