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Name: Dopples
Creator: Affiliates of the Late Rustle
Home Zone: Plaza
Project Appearances: Crankshaft Rafflesian, Dopple Effect
Species Development Thread: Species Development: Dopples

This article contains brief + simple mentions of reproduction, but is SFW.

Dopples are bipedal biomechanical constructs that originate from the inner district of Plaza.


Dopples originate in Plaza's Inner District.

They were originally created to assist those in need of aids and support living, particularly the living. And were not designed directly by any particular god but rather by an affiliate under the late entity Rustle.

After Rustle’s death, efforts to integrate them properly with the rest of society were encouraged by her remaining demons. Notable amongst those is her successor Paladin Mori. She’s not fond of being asked about the details.


Many dopples participate in Plaza’s dueling culture, albeit less than fully mechanical constructs that are easier to repair.

Their educational structure is akin to Earth’s common early childhood to adulthood systems. Homeschooling may happen.

Religions in the area lean toward the vastness of nature and the world rather than the local gods who have more celebrity-esque status.

Modest body modification scene relative toward other species of whom have unusually mod-friendly bodies.

Dopples favor very soft, flowy, and relaxed attire due to the influence of synthetic constructs in the area.

They are huge on recreational and entertainment-based hobbies.

Spectator sports are big. Expect yelling across the neighborhood when the local basketball or baseball team wins.

Dopples really enjoy karaoke. If someone gets overly invested and emotional even if it’s terrible, which it usually is, there is often uproar from the audience.

Many dopples believe huge success is unreasonable and rather focus on smaller-scale personal fulfillment. Work toward a four-season festive structure. Every 3 months there’s an island-wide celebration in response to any growth the people have managed, whether it’s a successful personal success or raking in the cash with their turtle themed restaurant.


Dopples have long floppy ears with various deviations.

Dopples have very varied belly markings.

They commonly have small cotton-ball or swirl shaped tails.

They lack paw pads.

Tend to be wider from the waist down, or 'pear-shaped'.

The average adult dopple height ranges from 5’5“ to 5’11”.

Mustaches and longer hair-like scruff may appear are the results of selective grooming. Common to dye. They can all potentially have horrible Viking-style beards.

Dopples usually don’t have digitigrade legs.

Their fur naturally comes in various shades of grey, black, brown, blonde, and white.

Dopples have yellow eyes with Red Irises, sometimes with visible black pupils.

Dopple vocalizations contain traits that emulate the environmental sounds of their upbringing. Those that came from bustling cities aren’t the greatest singers.


Dopples have a fairly standard skeletal structure with certain joints and organs simplified to make body bods and replacements easy.

Their joints are sometimes exposed.

Their teeth will continuously grow throughout their lives and thus gnawing is crucial toward good dental health.

Dopples are omnivorous.

Dopples are resistant toward many common epidemic causing diseases. Despite this, they are weirdly prone to the common cold.

High resistance toward horror radiation and subsequent mutation.

Dopples lay eggs that have a rock-like texture.

They superficially resemble rodents.

They lack any notable sexual dimorphisms even into adulthood. This makes personal gender and identity expression relatively easy. Which is a common theme across most forms of construct designed on the island, organic or inorganic.

Due to being a relatively young species, they lack in any evolutionary morphs.

Life Cycle/Family Structure

Doppels reproduce sexually, laying their eggs in large nests.

They usually live with their parents through childhood but often move on to a different district by adulthood. Exceptions apply.

The dopple lifespan averages at around 85 earth years, though some have lived as long as 120.

Dopples favor long term relationships if possible. The various port towns on their home island are an emotional trainwreck after visits from, particularly charismatic tourists.

Maintaining relationships with friends and family is important and can be both be a thing of fulfillment and stress when putting in the work to stay on good terms with those close to them.


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