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Tiny Cat People (TCP)

Name: Tiny Cat People (TCP)
Creator: Wax
Home Zone: All
Project Appearances: Void Session and many others (WIP)

Tiny Cat People (TCPs) are small, feline-like beings that inhabit the world of Morbit, infesting the planet as the most common sapient species and irritating many of the world's gods in the process.


The first variety of tiny cat people were referred to as “divine” TCPs. These TCPs existed on their own plane, created by gods playing a game meant to train them for actual zone management and leadership. Due to the popularity of divine TCPs, Wax added an additional prize to the game- TCPs on winning teams could be taken out of their sessions. The divine TCPs adjusted well to their new lives, and Wax decided to create them not only as a species on their own plane, but on Morbit as well.


TCPs don't like to be alone. They seek out fellow TCPs, an easier feat than it sounds. While TCPs can spawn globally, the sheer magnitude of TCPs spawning at any given day means that a friend can usually be found within a few hours' walk- and much less if they end up in a more urban area.

TCP logic does not work the same as other sapient species- they run off of inherent knowledge of concepts. For a TCP to fully understand a concept, they have to experience it directly; but doing so will give them plenty of information to make decisions on. Freshly spawned TCPs tend to bumble around until they have enough knowledge to go off of, and just because they know how to walk from the start doesn't mean they're very good at it.

Every zone has a different way of handling TCPs in their society, most willing to accept them (although begrudgingly at times.) Some view them as less than people, others put them on a pedestal. TCPs in well populated areas have the option of acquiring specialized, niche jobs in exchange for a place to live and pay, or volunteer to be adopted by someone as a pet, or even a family member.


TCPs vary wildly in appearance depending on what type they are and what conditions or modifiers they might have, but most of the time they can be recognized by their resemblance to cartoonish, cat-like features superimposed on a completely unrelated entity.


TCPs do not have organs and do not reproduce. The inside of their body is generally filled with a substance known as 'fluid'- this substance is solely responsible for the TCP's ability to move, think, and act, and it is also the force that sustains them. They do not need to eat, breathe, or sleep, but losing large amounts of fluid is fatal to them.

Life Cycle/Family Structure

TCPs cannot die of old age, and new TCPs simply appear somewhere in the world. They do not typically form families, instead preferring large groups of friends.


TCPs do not have DNA to speak of. They have not evolved from anything and most likely will not evolve into anything.


There are far too many “morphs” of TCPs to list here. For more information about TCPs, consider visiting the TCPDex.

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