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“Data pending.”

ID: S093
Type: Jack-O'-Lantern/Decay/Tiger
Category: Nature/Body/Creature
Pronouns: Any
Height: 8 inches
Ability: Grovel can sacrifice health to create decaying jack-o'-lanterns to mark their territory. These markers only last as long as the pumpkin does.
Physical Appearance: Grovel is a green TCP made out of pumpkin. They have various rotting holes on their body leaking orange pumpkin fluid. Their eyespots appear to be “closed” and crying, and they have a jagged, frowning mouth. Their legs are digitigrade, end in claws, and lean to one side. Their tail ends in a slightly torn pumpkin vine leaf. Their body is covered in muddled striped markings, similar to other tiger types.
Voice: Data pending.
Skin: Hard, green, planty pumpkin rind.
Fluid: Orange pumpkin goo with light green seeds.
Special Attributes: Anomalies: Legs
Modifiers: Rotten
History: Friends with Wipeout, who attempts to egg them on to silly ideas.
Personality: Asocial and does not like being around people or letting them touch his property. Stubborn but anxious, would rather cry than confront someone.
Other Notes: Community-owned TCP. Bot-generated and commissioned by AceOfNothing.


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