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Ferret Type

“Ferret types have been researched heavily in the health field, particularly in those relating to physical therapy and rehabilitation. The inclination to play and try new things is incredibly effective as a motivator, and many ferret TCPs find themselves with opportunities in this field.”

ID: 0229
Type: Ferret
Category: Creature
Height: 3.5 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)

Ferret types generate a passive aura that encourage those around them to frolic and play. This aura may also increase a person's overall energy level slightly.
Physical Appearance: Ferret types are small TCPs with markings on their hands, feet, and belly, as well as a mask-like marking on their face. They have a long, slinky tail, short, stubby earnubs, and a triangular nose.
Voice: Scratches and trills.
Skin: Soft, silky fur.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Ferret Types can adapt to many environments but require room to tunnel and run around. Dirt or sand are fine for places with access to the outdoors but play tunnels or at home ball pits are popular substitutes for city ferrets. They are known to enjoy activity courses, often racing each other through them for added fun. While they don't seem to be social, most do need at least one or two close friends to feel particularly happy. This often hits them hard in the spring, with many ferrets getting sick just from feeling alone. Ferrets are actually carnivores, and love meaty foods and chicken, with some even liking to chew on bones. Some do like eggs as a treat and will happily do almost anything for one. These cats work in rehabilitating therapy a lot, encouraging people to move around and test their limits. They are gentle and soft and can be very sweet for those who are willing to try, but them may need to be supervised with grumpy patients as they can be very snappy and will defend themselves against any “threat”.

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