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The Selected

Name: The Selected
Creator: Rein + Alloy
Home Zone: Solitude and Wonder
Project Appearances: TBA
Species Development Thread: Species Development: Selected

This article contains brief + simple mentions of reproduction, but is SFW.

The selected are a serpentine species native to Taverne, they primarily reside in Solitude and Wonder.


The selected were created through the collaboration of Rein and Alloy and they originate in their creators' respective regions of Solitude and Wonder. Rein coined the species' name. The cobra morph was the first created by the pair.


The selected are found primarily in Solitude and Wonder, with small populations in Precipice and some remaining in the dwindling settlements of Whimsy. They rarely settle in Hearth and even more rarely in Consumption. Their distribution in other regions and beyond Taverne varies wildly as their culture in Solitude is rather reserved and solitary. In sharp contrast, selected raised in Wonder are often encouraged to explore and branch out beyond the region.

Most selected worship Alloy or Rein, especially within Taverne, but some worship the other gods of Taverne at varying numbers. Grind, Velvet, and Wax are moderately popular with selected, while Wretch isn't very popular. There are very few selected who worship Spit, seeing as she is the direct opposition to one of their creator gods. Outside of Taverne, selected worship varies wildly.

Selected have two typical family structures seen based on which region they were raised in; strict family structures built around tradition are most commonly found in Solitude, and more relaxed chosen family-focused structures are commonplace Wonder. Selected outside of Solitude and Wonder tend to adapt to whatever family structures are common in the area, regardless of what species they may belong to.

Selected have a comparatively low level of physical disability, mental illness, and injury due to the safety of both the regions of Solitude and Wonder.

Selected often require special accommodations due to a few quirks which include but are not limited to; their larger average size and cold-bloodedness. Selected often need interior thermoregulation in the form of heat lamps or air conditioning. They require specialty furniture and appliances such as floor or perch seating and shallow baths. They favor sleeping arrangements that are either floor or perch based and require thick, insulating blankets in colder regions. Their homes are often larger than average and they greatly favor ramps for accessibility reasons.

Selected's values when it comes to possessions vary wildly on the local culture they have become accustomed to, with Solitude selected favoring vintage aesthetics and Wonder selected favoring retrofuturistic aesthetics. Similarly to their highly valued goods, entertainment tends to focus on the past for Solitude selected, and the future for Wonder selected.

Selected highly value traditional education with an emphasis on higher education, such as university.

Selected are more muted when it comes to physical expression although they will bare their fangs under large amounts of stress or anger, with the gesture seen as an insult or threat depending on the receiving party. Coiling is a similar gesture but can also be used affectionately. Coiling is often performed when meditating in prayer to Rein. Solitude selected prefer this method of worship while Wonder selected favor acts of creation as worship.

Wonder selected are sometimes more reserved about their species name, preferring to be called a more mundane title, such as simply snakes. Solitude selected are a sharp contrast to the humility of Wonder selected, taking great pride in their name.

Selected are a very physically strong species, capable of physically besting most other Taverne species in combat. Selected avoid combat as it is seen as unseemly, despite their natural power. Attacks such as biting are seen as improper battle etiquette, but in the event the selected combatant stoops that low, selected bites are devastating to experience. Selected favor clawing and coiling, as they are considered proper methods of inflicting harm.


Selected have long, serpentine bodies with more humanoid torsos that lack breast tissue.

Their typical markings vary based on morph, but most resemble natural snake patterning.

Their morphs favor subdued color palettes, however the viper morph has a marked tendency towards bright colors.

Their voices are composed of hissing and humming, though transcribed dialog omits this quirk due to the overabundance of the letter “s”.

Selected have long and powerful arms that end in clawed hands that lack paw pads.

Their tails are prehensile and muscular, capable of exerting large amounts of force.

Their torsos, while humanoid in appearance, is equally as flexible as their tails.

All selected naturally lack hair but some undergo surgery to acquire hair implants or wear wigs. Some attempt to stylize their hood-like or crest structures.

Selected are large and range from 5'0-7'0 for “normal” adult height range, when periscoped/“standing”, bodies are much, much longer.

Selected do not have legs, although some hybrids are born with them or they develop legs due to mutations.


Selected have skeletons, muscles, nerves, organs, and blood.

They possess sharp fangs on most morphs, though only when the selected in question are also venomous. Their venom inflicts poison and paralysis.

Selected are omnivorous, but favor carnivorous diets when given the choice. They swallow their food whole.

They primarily emote with hand gestures/tail posturing. This seemingly muted body language can be confusing to species more familiar with facial emoting.

Selected lack visible ears.

Selected have eyelids and can blink, though they don't need to and are capable of staring for indefinite periods of time.

They are cold-blooded, require temperature regulation through heat sources/cooling methods. Extended exposure to cold makes them sluggish and sleepy, leading to lower productivity during winter months and in colder climates.

Lighter members of the species can “run” by using their arms, as long as they have some sort of support or soft surface underneath them.

Selected have a lifespan of 200 years, reaching maturity at 18-20.

Life Cycle/Family Structure

Selected reproduce sexually, and have very minimal sexual dimorphism.

They lay eggs in clutches of 1-3 hatchlings, juvenile children are referred to as snakelets.

Snakelets are more reserved than other Taverne youth, though they remain curious. Snakelets in Wonder are encouraged to make things and explore, while Solitude snakelets are more strictly raised according to family traditions.

Families are typically composed of two parents and a singular clutch, with multiple clutches and single/more than 2 parents being less common.

Committed relationships are valued more than casual ones, especially in Solitude.

Snakelets leave the family once they are old enough to run their own lives, particularly around seeking higher education.


Selected are based on snakes in both appearance and behavior and their morphs are inspired by different kinds of snake/snake legends.

Mixed morph children have a blend of shapes from both parents, and tend to have averaged out sizes.

Hybrid children typically have legs and a long tail or no legs at all, leading to complications with walking in some hybrids. Many hybrid children have stunted/partially developed limbs, including some defects with hands/arms for unknown reasons. Prosthetics are often needed in said cases, leading to a booming prosthetics industry in Wonder. Hybrid children are incredibly uncommon due to these potential health risks.

Common mutations that selected experience include increased hunger, difficulty regulating emotions, violent urges, growth of legs, extra arms and tails, tail splitting, fang growth, growth of new teeth, claw growth, and size increases.



The cobra morph is based on cobras and other hooded snake species, they possess long flap-like structures on their heads which give the impression of a hood. They have thick, powerful bodies and slit pupils. A small minority of cobra morph selected are capable of spitting their venom as a defense mechanism. They are closely associated with Solitude and Rein.


The python morph is based on ball pythons and other constrictor species of snakes. They are characterized by small nub-like structures on their heads and large, round eyes and pupils. Their bodies are thick and powerful. They are closely associated with Wonder and Alloy.


The vine morph is based on vine snakes and other thin arboreal snake species. They are characterized by their exceedingly thin almost flat bodies and sharp angular features, especially their sharp crest structures on their heads. They have slit pupils and thin eyes. They are closely associated with Precipice and Grind.


The viper morph is based on vipers and similar species of snake. They are characterized by their raised ridges that run along their bodies and shoulders, with a mane-like arrangement of ridged structures on their heads. They have thick, powerful bodies. They are associated with Hoopla and Hearth, along with the regions' respective gods.


The cherished morph is based on tsuchinokos and other snake-inspired legends and myths. They are characterized by their stout, chubby bodies, limbs, and nub-like head structures. They lack the claws of other selected morphs and instead have nubby fingers. Their features are rounded, from their eyes to their pupils. and they are much smaller than other selected morphs. Cherished selected are associated with Whimsy and Velvet.


The eel morph is based on various eels and aquatic snakes. They are characterized by their long, trailing bodies, distinctive dorsal fins, and small round gill slit. They have long clawed arms, small ear nubs, and large eyes. Being the semi-aquatic morph of the Selected, they have both lungs and gills and are slimy, with a thick coating of mucus that does eventually dry out on land without hydration. Eel selected are incredibly flexible, to the point of being able to squeeze through surprisingly small spaces. They are also surprisingly fast both in water and on land, their slime aiding both their swimming and terrestrial locomotion. They are associated with Hoopla and Wretch.

"Normal" Selected

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