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Sock Type

“Sock type TCPs are a popular TCP in media depictions, mainly due to their cute appearances and whimsical abilities. However, such powers are no joke- being turned even partially into sock material can be very distressing.”

ID: 0125
Type: Sock
Category: Form
Height: 3 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)

Sock types can sacrifice health to change objects or beings they touch into sock versions of themselves.
Physical Appearance: Sock types are small and feature rounded shapes, resembling a TCP made entirely of socks. They have round eyespots and floppy sock cuff ears, as well as sock cuff arms and bootie-like legs/feet. They do not have thumbs, and must manipulate things by opening and closing the sock cuffs to get a grip. Despite being hollow, their bodies retain they shape, only losing integrity when hit with a heavy impact or otherwise significant pressure.
Voice: Muffled footsteps.
Skin: Standard sock fabric.
Fluid: None.
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Subtype(s): Slipper Sock
Sock types are TCPs primarily suited for indoor environments, though some enjoy living and exploring outdoors provided they have protection against the elements for their cloth bodies. These TCPs are prone to starting collections and hoards of miscellaneous items, akin to what you'd find loose in the laundry cycle. They are a social TCP typing that has a tendency to strongly bond with select individuals, with many taking on a single partner (though not inherently romantic). They prefer dry food type products and avoid liquids, trying to stay away from anything that could stain. Those that do retain stains for whatever reason tend to use detergent or stain remover on themselves when grooming, something entirely safe for them.

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