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Name: Primus
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: ????
Species: Tiny Cat Person (Tent Type)
Home Zone: TCP Plane

Primus is the first TCP spawned by Void throughout the course of their inaugural session as a newly minted god. Primus sprung into being floating within the center of a white void which was soon populated with Void's suggestions as the collective crafted the world. Primus is the longest-lived TCP within the session and has arguably experienced the most out of all of them. Primus holds a deep affection for his TCP teammates and his god, considering the 5 entities to be his family.

Primus is a Tiny Cat Person of the Tent Type, a type within the Storage category. Primus stands 6 inches tall and takes the appearance of the standard TCP body plan with accents denoting his typing. Primus has a vertical zipper running down the center point of his face, the pull of which rests at his chin when zipped up. This small cavity, which takes up the majority of Primus's head, can store small items. On his chest is a second cavity, one covered by a flap, this cavity can store a TCP smaller than Primus for passive health regeneration at a minor speed.

Primus's skin is made of weather-resistant canvas with a silky inner lining. His voice sounds like soft whistling.

Project Appearances

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Primus spawned into being shortly after Void themself had come to be as a collective consciousness, the noun of Primus's typing having been shouted out into the white void by a member of the unformed collective. Primus was witness to the creation of the setting of void session along with all of Void's first creations as they explored their new powers. Primus was the only TCP to not emerge from Void's spawning pool.

Primus was soon joined by Buddy and the two quickly developed a close relationship. The two exploring their new existence and the tower which Void created to provide the pair with shelter. The tent type was then acquainted with Dad, as she entered the tower and introduced herself. The third TCP that void spawned joined the duo, and they all set out on an adventure together, exploring some local temples out in the woods.