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Skyscraper Type

“Having one of the most spacious interiors of any building TCP, skyscraper types will often rent rooms out to other TCPs, allowing them to bring in furniture, belongings, and other such items. Of course, all tenants still need to abide by the skyscraper type's rules, lest they be forcibly ejected.”

ID: 1009
Type: Skyscraper
Category: Storage
Height: 12 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)
Ability: WHAT A VIEW

Skyscraper types contain a pocket dimension within them that can accommodate most TCPs. Inside are many different floors, typically around twelve to eighteen, as well as a staircase and a pair of elevators. All of the rooms are empty by default, and TCPs inside the building are able to look outside through the many windows on the sides. Anyone looking through the glass, especially on the upper floors, has clearer vision of their surroundings and are better able to spot small details.
Physical Appearance: Skyscraper types have a blocky, rectangular shape that forms 3 distinct tiers. They have large strips of clear windows which allow the rooms within their pocket dimension to be clearly viewed, as well as allow their residents within to look out. They have square eyespots which form a pair of tinted windows near their upper floors as well as pointed earnubs which act as a pair of lightning rods. They have two arms and two stubby legs.
Voice: Metal groans and creaks.
Skin: Concrete and glass.
Fluid: None, pocket dimension in place of a fluid cavity.
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Skyscraper types favor urban, crowded spaces, especially those with beautiful scenery and views, in an ironic twist, this can often result in overcrowding and ruining of said views, as skyscraper types congregate in the same areas. Skyscraper types enjoy being decorated, and often gather together during the holidays to dress their bodies in various weather-safe decorations appropriate to the season, their tenants taking it upon themselves to decorate their interiors. Skyscraper types tend to be social in a non-committal way, taking on acquaintances as opposed to long-time friendships, however, if you have an extended standing relationship with one, skyscraper types can be the staunchest of friends. Skyscraper types, under certain conditions, can accidentally reflect the light of local solar bodies at such an intensity in that it heats the ground in their reflected light to an absurd degree, causing damage to the area around them.

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