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“When met with the danger found in sessions, many TCPs balk and flee. This knife type, despite my early observations would lead me to believe, presses on. No matter how this session resolves, its bravery shall be immortalized here.”

ID: S004
Type: Knife
Category: Weapon
Pronouns: It/Its
Height: 6 inches
Ability: Like all standard knife types, Buddy can sacrifice health to create blades on its body.
Physical Appearance: Buddy is a grey TCP with its right arm replaced with two sharp blades. Atop its forehead is another similar blade, which has since been removed. It has slanted eyespots, sideways earnubs, and pink fluid leaking around where the blades emerge.
Voice: Metallic grinding noises.
Skin: Soft velvet.
Fluid: Standard fluid, with knives floating in it.
Special Attributes: None
History: Buddy was the second TCP created by Voidsy. It lives in a wizard tower in the center of the forest with its team. As the session is currently ongoing, we are waiting to receive updates from our sources before updating this entry.
Personality: Buddy is extremely timid, preferring quieter activities. It can be easily startled by new things. All the same, though, it is curious about the world around it, and is excited to see new things. It is in a constant state of chronic pain, although the bandages and medical equipment Voidsy gave it do help with this. It often feels as if it is a burden to others, but cares deeply about its friends all the same.

Buddy owns a small doll named Susie, who “isn't afraid of anything, ever”.
Other Notes: None


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