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“One must have patience while working with archive types, as I have realized early on in my studies. Specimens either take their time recounting and explaining where everything they store goes, or have absolutely disastrous systems that not even they can understand.”

ID: 0355
Type: Archive
Category: Storage
Height: 9 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)
Ability: BOGO SORT

Archive types can store any kind of file or document, and any document inserted will automatically be sorted by a system of the archive type's choice- most archive types prefer chronological order. The labels on the archive type's drawers will change to reflect the contents of each drawer as more documents are added.
Physical Appearance: Archive types are large, rectangular TCPs with many cabinets on the front of their torso. They do not have a distinct head- only eyespots and earnubs on their torso.
Voice: Metallic sliding and shuffling paper.
Skin: Thin metal.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Archive types favor environments where they can collect their preferred files, and can often be found making their homes in and around office districts, libraries, universities, banks, and archives. Archive types often spend a large amount of time sorting things recreationally and often make a hobby out of home organization, be it their own or their peers. Archive types are very social but tend to be selective with those they spend their time with, organizing their time with their friends much like they organize their own files. Archive types enjoy many foods but tend to pick a specific category or type of food to sample and catalog, such as eating many different varieties and brands of chocolate.

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