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Name: Elixir
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 42
Species: Mixed Morph Beatfox (Shorthair/Longhair)
Home Zone: Bluster

Elixir is a mixed morph beatfox (shorthair/longhair) working as a horror combat specialist on the SS Cascade, and features as a main character in Incoming Transmission. He is a tall beatfox with blue, white and green fur, black head and facial hair/mane, and no tail (lost in a war accident).

Project Appearances

2023/03/02 23:28Pichi Moonrain


Formerly an anti-horror soldier in the Luxson Horror Plague, Elixir has expertise in exterminating both horrors and terrors alike, making him an ideal candidate for the SS Cascade's expedition. He has a high tolerance to horror and no mutations despite his close proximity to horror radiation during the plague, further raising his candidacy for the operation.


Elixir is a strong willed person who is not opposed to talking about his experiences in the plague, and is extremely anti-horror. He has no sympathy for those who are willing to empathize with them, and is known to react with anything ranging from outrage to disgust.



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