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Maurice Zap

Name: Maurice Zap
Online Handle: Has a Chatterbox handle under [MAURICE_ZAP] but does not use MessiRoom publicly.
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 40 years old (Mature)
Species: Negativity Type TCP
Home Zone: Hoopla

Maurice Zap is a negativity type TCP with a black and red leaf pattern all over his body, as well as red and white markings and blue eyes.

One of the most prolific talk show hosts on Morbit, Maurice Zap is an icon in TCP culture. He is well known for his status as a heartthrob in the eyes of many, as well as a major philanthropist towards TCP-centric charities.

Project Appearances


Not much is publicly known about Maurice Zap yet.


Maurice is an outgoing and seemingly very caring person, and his public image is nearly wholly positive. He's the kind of person to publish multiple autobiographies full of essays, and spends his life meeting people constantly and finding ways to platform those following causes he believes in. It's hard to say what he's truly like outside of his work, because he always seems to be drowning in it.



Numfi has shown up on Maurice Zap's show before, and gave an interview about “clownery”, the post-Void Session activist movement for wizits. The two seemed to get along well, but have no other known appearances together.

Forum Trivia

  • Maurice has been all over the world, but is most well known in Taverne. He has a presence in other places enough to be a household name among a good number of TCPs.
  • He played the game Playmates on a special episode of his show, similar to how people obsessed over Second Life in the 2000's. Avoided talking about the sex mod entirely.
  • If he was a Pokemon trainer, he would have normal and electric types, especially with a magnetic theming like Magnemite or Plusle/Minun. He has a brand and he's sticking to it.
  • One of Maurice's few known opinions that he's very firm on is his anger and resentment towards gods. He is extremely anti-session and anti-deity, and has opened multiple charities to help fund session survivor recovery and housing programs.
  • His Earth cartoon channel of choice would be Disney Channel.
  • He has had no major surgeries.
  • He loves his job on-camera, and could be described as the picture of happiness. Off camera, he's very stressed about it, but loves the status it gives him.
  • He has to sleep 100% air conditioned or he'll die.
  • He identifies as pansexual, but stays single to market off of the fact that he's widely considered an eligible bachelor.
  • Absolutely believes in magic, and has interviewed many magic users on his show.
  • Maurice can drive, is very good at it, and owns an expensive sports car.
  • He doesn't have the best track record with keeping secrets, and if something is funny/weird enough, he might put it in his autobiography collections.
  • When it comes to the glass half full/empty question, he leans glass full.

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