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ID: S085
Type: Moth/Paint
Category: Creature/Form (Hybrid)
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 3.5 inches

Iris has a passive aura that causes others to be fascinated by light, even drawn to it in extreme cases. In addition, she can touch any surface and “copy” its color, changing her own color to match. While she is colored, she can paint in her current color by smearing her hands across a surface. She cannot copy multiple colors at once, nor can she copy the luster or luminescence of a surface. She can discard her current color at any time and revert back to her standard colors by shaking herself vigorously, the colored dust falling off of her.
Physical Appearance: Iris is a small purple TCP with a large tuft of fur around her neck. She has two large wings on her back that can be used for flight, and an extra pair of arms. She has extremely large yellow eyespots and sideways earnubs. Her body is perpetually dripping paint.

She typically wears a pair of blue denim overalls.
Voice: Soft fluttery drips.
Skin: Standard skin, with a thin coat of dust. The wings feel thin and delicate.
Fluid: Standard fluid- it smells heavily of paint.
Special Attributes: None
History: According to her files, Iris originally resided with Flimp, a wax/fairy type. Flimp wasn't the greatest role model to Iris, often exploiting Iris' trusting nature. She guided Iris to use her ability to take whatever she wishes, as well as whatever Flimp wants. Unfortunately Iris doesn't realize the wrongness of her actions, as Flimp thus far has been her only 'friend'. She has lived with him traveling and taking for as long as she knows. Since entering the Gauntlet, the other contestants have taught Iris that stealing is wrong, and she has gone on to make friends with nearly everyone she's met, including a large clown beast that Iris and her teammates have dubbed Chucklenuts.
Personality: Iris is quite naive and childish, and very easily distracted. Like most moth types, she has a distinct affinity for light and reflective objects, often getting her and her companions into difficult situations. Her naivety is both her biggest weakness and her greatest strength. Her big heart makes up for her tiny size and she's willing to welcome anyone as a friend.
Other Notes: None


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