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Blubber Type

“The added layer of fat around a blubber type's fluid core makes them surprisingly resilient- several of my specimens have shrugged off cuts that would make most other TCPs bleed profusely.”

ID: 0179
Type: Blubber
Category: Body
Max Health: PERFECT (8)
Height: Data Pending
Ability: THICK FAT

Blubber types can sacrifice health to create blubber on any surface they touch.
Physical Appearance: Blubber types are large TCPs with an elongated neck and a thick, rubbery layer of fat. They have small spots scattered all over their body, as well as tiny dot eyespots and small round earnubs.
Voice: Slapping noises.
Skin: Standard TCP skin, with a layer of blubber around the fluid core.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Blubber type cats don't technically have a preference for where they live, but it's still advised they live in and move around places with lots of space. Some prefer cooler places due to sweating. This avoids small injuries and them knocking into things unknowingly. These cats are very social and love meeting others, but food types who grow closer to them often find the injuries they take without thinking very distressing, so that is a pretty uncommon pair to see. They usually prefer “processed” food types, things high in fat or protein. Blubber type cats are incredibly strong, using their mass to their advantage, and have reportedly been able to pick up and throw things triple their size when under duress. An angry blubber type is rare but can cause a lot of damage quickly.

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