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Velvet Worm Type

“What was Wax thinking when he designed this TCP? Did he have a bucket of leftover legs he wanted to get rid of? Did he lose a dare? Did he use the copy/paste tool one too many times? I'm quite curious as to how velvet worm types got their… unique anatomy.”

ID: 0199
Type: Velvet Worm
Category: Creature
Height: 12 inches long. The TCP pictured is standing at 4 inches tall.
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Velvet worm types make others around them more resistant to being soaked by water and other liquids.
Physical Appearance: Velvet worm types have extremely long, spotted torso with 7 pairs of legs and one pair of arms. They have a small stubby tail and round hornlike earnubs, as well as a pair of small dot eyespots and circular markings on their cheeks.
Voice: Small scuttling and suckling noises.
Skin: Soft, squishy, and covered in fine, tiny lumps.
Fluid: Seemingly standard fluid that dries rapidly.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Velvet worm types need moist environments to thrive, dry environments can be dangerous for their skin. They seem to like cluttered spaces more and can squeeze themself through almost any space. Velvet worm types can raise their bodies up, only standing on one or two pairs of feet. This is great for grabbing things from up high or gaining a better perspective of any given situation. It's a pain when deciding how many shoes to buy. They are not very social cats, but don't mind being around others and doing their own things. Surprisingly, they eat almost exclusively meaty food, but some like switching to plant based foods when in public settings to avoid curious gazes. Velvet worms are very good at aiming, and many like to make slingshots for themself to use against enemies. If injured, they are not opposed to using their own fluid as a projectile.

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