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Pumpkin Type

“Most nature types don't have any degree of “customization” to the plants they create without years of skill and planning, but pumpkin types seem to be able to develop artistic tendencies far easier.”

ID: 0345
Type: Pumpkin
Category: Nature
Height: 5.5 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Pumpkin types can sacrifice health in order to create and control pumpkin plants. Larger sized pumpkins require a greater quantity of health. Pumpkin types can manipulate the color and shape of their created pumpkins.
Physical Appearance: Pumpkin types are round and stout. They have two arms and legs. They have oval-shaped eyespots and pointed earnubs. They have a large stem and leafy vines hanging off their stem.
Voice: Thumping and smashing.
Skin: Pumpkin flesh.
Fluid: Pumpkin “guts” and seeds.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Pumpkin types enjoy outdoor environments with chilly- but not outright cold- climates. Temperate, fall weather suits them best. They are slow moving and relaxed TCPs that enjoy casual gardening and low amounts of physical activity, with some particularly enjoying rolling around. They are social and enjoy being in large groups with casual activities in mind. These TCPs enjoy savory vegetable dishes when it comes to food type products, with many favoring autumnal meals. While these TCPs may resemble jack o'lantern types, it is not recommended to carve them.

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