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Bazil Smiles

Name: Bazil Smiles
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: Immortal through demonhood- frozen mental age of around 22-25 (exact age unsure), Body age of 70 (Maybequest), 90 (Universal Constants)
Species: Maned Karacel (Body), Quoll Pockitt (Headspace)
Height: 5'0 (Body), 4'5 (Headspace)
Home Zone: Consumption

This article contains mentions of Spit's cult and abuse of a sexual, physical, psychological and ritual nature. Specifics will be spoilered and warned for.

Bazil Smiles is a member of the Smiles System taking on the form of a quoll pockitt in headspace, however his physical body is that of a maned karacel. He features in the Punch Clock Animal series of projects and comes from Consumption. In his headspace form, he is short and covered in burn scars, both facts he is extremely insecure and liable to get angry about.

As with every other member of the Smiles system, his shared physical body lacks a right arm and ears as a result of ritual mutilation, with weight fluctuating between “skinny” to “emaciated” depending on how well-fed he can get himself. The horns on his head are drilled into his skull, and are unremovable through normal means. Due to the removal of his ears, he has difficulty pinpointing the direction of sounds, especially if soft or whispered. Due to the way Morbitian Common works, he can also have difficulty understanding meanings of words if unfamiliar with the person he's speaking to, something that frustrates him greatly.

His external clothes typically consist of whatever he can find that fits, though Bazil personally tries to find the kind of track suits and sports wear he prefers in headspace. Coming across clothes of this nature that fit him in the external world is extremely difficult. When fronting in the physical body, his eyes are often visually stylized to have rounder, colored pupils with slight heterochromia. It is unknown whether this stylization is actually apparent to outside observers in canon, or is just a way to indicate who's fronting to readers.

Despite his small frame, he is a formidable opponent in headspace/dream fights due to his natural shock scrap affinity, capable of using it at an expert level in combat along with his sharp tusks. While his shared physical body is weak, this shock scrap ability carries over when he switches in, allowing him to fight on a more capable level than Chelsea if given the proper materials. However, Bazil refuses to use Spit's motif manipulation, mainly on the principle that it's “fighting dirty”.

Bazil is extremely touch averse, and is prone to lashing out with violence if touched unprompted.

Project Appearances

2023/03/03 10:44Pichi Moonrain




Bazil is an angry person upon first impression and an even angrier person upon getting to know him better, with the majority of said rage directed at Spit and, unfortunately, the rest of his system. He is unafraid to speak his mind to the point of verbally (and in headspace, physically) assaulting people, with the main target of his anger being Derry. His rage fits are often set off by triggers, especially being looked down on or being made to experience things that set him off specifically via being forcibly brought to the front, and generally last until he wears himself out.

The only people that Bazil consistently shows kindness to are children (especially younger ones), who he believes are the only people out there who haven't had the chance to commit atrocities against others yet. He holds a great deal of sympathy towards them and has shown the capacity to be outright genuine around them, albeit a bit grumpy still.


Chelsea Smiles

Bazil and Chelsea do not get along with each other at all, and Bazil blames her for the majority of their problems on a grand scale- especially when it comes to anything to do with her relationship with Bucket. He is never hesitant to chew her out and the two fight in headspace frequently, much to the dismay of everyone around them.

This section contains implications of sexual and psychological abuse, victim blaming, and mentions a character's triggers. These implications are kept brief and non-explicit. You can click to reveal its contents.

Harvey Smiles

Bazil sees Harvey as a busybody, and generally wants nothing to do with her.

Derry Smiles

Bazil hates Derry more than anyone else in the system, and the two have a relationship that can only be described as incredibly unhealthy. Bazil will readily blame Derry for every problem that the system has if given the chance, and is prone to getting into both frequent verbal and physical fights in headspace with it. Ironically, even with Bazil's respect towards children, many of his insults towards Derry focus on calling it “childish” and demeaning it as such, often trying to get under its skin for seeking out comfort objects. Any attempts to get the two to get along have been in vain.

This section contains implications of sexual and psychological abuse, victim blaming, and mentions a character's triggers. These implications are kept brief and non-explicit. You can click to reveal its contents.

Amber Smiles

Bazil does not get along with Amber in the slightest and the two are prone to getting into screaming matches, with things often thrown at each other in headspace when things get dicey. Bazil sees Amber as immature and overly sensitive, and gets frustrated with her easily.


Bazil tries to pretend the system snakes don't exist.


Bazil tries to pretend the system snakes don't exist.

Lina Smiles

Bazil and Lina do not interact frequently, mainly due to Lina being scared shitless of him.

Pheles Smiles

Bazil has no issue with Pheles beyond the occasional snarky comment, but tends to avoid them regardless.


Bazil hates Spit more than anyone else in the world, even more than Derry or Chelsea. He considers death too good of a punishment for the crimes she's committed against both him and the world at large, and has personally plotted more than a few miserable ends for her in his spare time.

Bucket Judgment

Bazil hates Bucket the second he finds out about their and Chelsea's relationship, insisting that it's endangering all of them (and potentially being right).


Bazil does not hate Matthias as much as he hates Spit, but he comes pretty close.


The following section contains Patchwork Kernel spoilers, and mentions of Spit's cult/ritual abuse. Click to reveal content.

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