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Name: Acanthus Sprig
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 30
Species: Roo Pockitt
Height: 4'2
Home Zone: Bluster

Acanthus Sprig is a roo pockitt who researches dead zones, and features as a main cast member in Incoming Transmission. He is stocky and has more elaborate patterns on his fur than the average pockitt, though remains coy on whether they're natural markings or not (though his coloration suggests dye).

Project Appearances

2023/03/02 23:28Pichi Moonrain


Formerly a professor of Whimsy history, Acanthus was fired from his position due to his inclusion of cult studies in his curriculum (particularly focusing on pockitt targeting for rituals), even prior to Velvet's death. He was born to a family of Whimsy natives who stayed until they couldn't bear the cold, and personally wished he had the chance to live there himself before it became near uninhabitable in most areas.


Acanthus is a strong believer in pockitt heritage and history, and aims to preserve it through his research.

Acanthus is also, much to the displeasure of some of the other members of the SS Cascade, distressingly and incessantly flirtatious, though his history of relationships prior to this is uneventful and short lived.



Acanthus has an unnamed ex-wife who he does not speak to, or of. Their relationship isn't very noteworthy.

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