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Pill Type

“If not for the seemingly random nature of pill types, they would be an incredible marvel of modern medicine. Sadly, these food type TCPs are tricky to wrangle, an infinite puzzle of the health field…”

ID: 0169
Type: Pill
Category: Food
Height: 1 inch
Max Health: GREAT (6)
Ability: GRAB BAG

Pill types can break off parts of their body to feed to other TCPs, giving them a random status effect. The effect is different for every being that consumes it, and the effect may be harmful or beneficial. Each person will receive the same effect no matter what pill type it uses.
Physical Appearance: Pill types are extremely small, and have recessed heads. They have a small groove along their torso that separates the head from the body. They have otherwise standard body shapes, with small, round earnubs and small dot eyespots.
Voice: The sound of several small objects clattering together.
Skin: Hard and plastic-like.
Fluid: A sort of powdery substance.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Pill types are best kept in places they cannot get lost…. that's not a lot of places. A lot may try to find places to live and work so they don't have to travel a lot or will travel with someone who they trust to keep track of them. These cats seem to like randomized events, potentially a side effect from their ability, with some cats relying on luck to make decisions for them even when its simple choices. Pill types will sometimes come together and form large groups to take up more space and count for each other, forming large circles and holding hands. They're highly social cats who need interaction and will do just about anything to gain friends. They claim to like health foods, but what counts for this switches from cat to cat and can be heavily influenced by modern trends. Pill type cats can separate their head from their body and add things to their inner powder to temporarily effect their ability, but this is incredibly risky for pill and consumer.

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