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Fire Pit Type

“Fire pit types, despite not having an aura of any kind, can often have a calming presence. They tend to enjoy sitting in the center of a relaxed group, gently warming everyone.”

ID: 0988
Type: Fire Pit
Category: Machine
Height: 5 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)
Ability: IN THE PITS

Fire pit types can receive any type of flammable object and convert it into flames. Although the wood in the center is lit when this process occurs, it is never actually consumed and does not count as fuel.
Physical Appearance: Fire pit types have a large, flat, round body that tapers down slightly towards the bottom, making the whole TCP sort of a flat cone shape. In the center of the pit is a pile of wood arranged into a conical shape. Fire pit types have curved eyespots and triangular earnubs.
Voice: Soft metallic clunking and fire crackling.
Skin: Rough metal.
Fluid: The pile of wood in the center of the pit acts as fluid for this TCP.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Fire pit types are usually found in suburbs and rural areas, with only some going to cities as the dense population can lead to increased fire hazards. They seem to like being told stories, and in turn love telling stories, so a fairly large population have become audiobook readers online. They are usually social cats, who enjoy meeting with friends for parties outside, and their presence is often considered calming. Fire pit types insist they need nonfood type materials, such as paper, hair, leaf litter, and wood, to keep their flames active, but it's more of a mental comfort then a necessity. For actual food type preferences, they generally still like flammable foods, and things you would find at a campfire. Fire pit cats often come up with their own constellations and make stories for them, singing little tunes while they watch them twinkle and dance.

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