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Name: Cynthia
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: ????
Species: Tiny Cat Person (Guidance Type)
Height: 8.5 Inches
Home Zone: TCP Plane
Project Appearances: Void Session

Cynthia is a guidance type TCP spawned by Eastwood in Void Session. She is a large, stocky TCP with an arrow marking and a rather professional fashion sense.

Being a guidance type TCP, Cynthia can sacrifice health to enter an ascended form and offer advice to those in need. The advice given will generally lead to a resolution of the situation when followed, but it will not always be the best or most direct way of solving the problem. Cynthia cannot force others to listen to them- following advice is always voluntary on the recipient's part. This technique has not been seen in Void Session yet.

Cynthia's strategy revolves around using magic books that use TCP fluid for ink, revealing TCP types and drug combinations to those who write inside of them. She is also capable of driving vehicles.

Project Appearances

2020/02/02 12:36knux 400


Cynthia was spawned by Eastwood after auto-balance was activated, and was quickly assigned leader of his team (much to Whipp's distress). She has taken charge at alliance meetings, and is more than willing to show off her strategy to the other members of the Void alliance.


Cynthia is a calm and collected TCP with a professional attitude, and prioritizes strategy and tactics. She can be likened to a therapist at times, and is able to listen to other TCPs with ease. She does not talk about herself and her own feelings much, and Marvel is her only real confidante.



Cynthia communicates with Eastwood directly via communication crystals, and the two of them talk strategy frequently.


Cynthia and Marvel appear to be in some kind of romantic relationship, though the exact nature of which is unclear. She clearly cares about him, and values his safety more than anything.


Cynthia is well aware of Whipp's jealous streak.


Cynthia finds Slop to be self destructive, and does not trust her.

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