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Siren Type

“Siren types are often quiet people, with a tendency towards speaking only when important- their ability comes with potentially uncomfortable scenarios.”

ID: 0702
Type: Siren
Category: Creature
Length: Approx. 8 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Siren types have a passive aura that physically draws other living things towards them when they speak, with the effect amplified with volume. This aura cannot be turned off or removed without nullification.
Physical Appearance: Siren types have an aquatic shape with a sleek build. They have two arms and a long, finned tail. Siren types have three eyes that lack pupils and earnubs formed out of fins. They have long fins draping around their head and shoulders, resembling hair.
Voice: Melodic, enchanting singing and humming.
Skin: Slick, slimy scales.
Fluid: Standard, smelling of fish.
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Siren types prefer aquatic or shore environments, and require some degree of water in their space to remain comfortable. They seem to enjoy sunning themselves on rocks (or under a heat lamp, if rocks are not available), as well as performing underwater tricks. These TCPs are primarily solitary, however, and any that have companions must mind their ability…or in some cases, use it to their advantage. They prefer meat food type products, with a leaning towards fish if available. The voice of a siren type does not retain its effect upon being recorded and played back, leading to a booming industry of siren type songs on certain radio stations.

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