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Tambourine Type

“Due to the nature of how a tambourine is played, it's impossible for a tambourine type to move at all without making a sound. While some tambourine types enjoy this, others will wrap their tambourine cymbals in cloth to prevent them from moving.”

ID: 0057
Type: Tambourine
Category: Form
Height: 5 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)

At the cost of health, tambourine types can generate tambourines or change something into one.
Physical Appearance: Tambourine types have a standard shape with a slim build. They have two arms and two legs. Tambourine types have a large tambourine intersecting through their hips. They have glove-like and sock-like markings on their hand and feet, a lighter marking followed by a darker marking. Tambourine types have small, squashed eyespots and large pointed earnubs that hang outwards.
Voice: Tambourine rattling and clacking.
Skin: Standard skin.
Fluid: Standard fluid with tambourine cymbals interspersed throughout.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Tambourine types are fine in almost any environment, but seem to thrive best in ones with lots of noise and people. They seem to have some kind of ongoing, internal melody that allows them to dance and sing without much struggle, and many develop a distinct walking style that incorporates it. They are highly social TCPs that tend to love talking and sharing with others. These TCPs enjoy a variety of food type products, but seem to gravitate towards more “exciting” flavors with lots of spices and seasonings. Tambourine types do have some difficulty fitting into more typical clothing due to the large instrument intersecting their body, but many find crop tops and leggings to be acceptable.

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