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“Data pending.”

ID: S099
Type: Ball-Jointed Doll
Category: Creature
Pronouns: She/her
Height: 4 inches
Ability: Peg gives those around her ideas for different outfits for her to wear.
Physical Appearance: Peg is a designer ball-jointed doll type with a black and pink body, white joints, and white eyespots.
Voice: Plasticlike creaking and flexing noises.
Skin: Hard, smooth plastic.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: Designer modifier
History: Peg is one of Remmy's coworkers at a fashion company. They used to be close friends, but Remmy doesn't hang out with her as often as he used to.
Personality: Data pending.
Other Notes: Minor character in FELID_FACTOR.


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